Outrageous8 - Listen

by Angela O'Neill and The Outrageous8

About Angela O’Neill and The Outrageou8

A unique jazz oriented 8 piece mini big band, performing songs in the Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerlad style, with top class, ‘lean and mean’ arrangements by Harry Smallenburg. The band is based in Burbank where most of the members live and although they do play at events and around town, their home base is the VFW Burbank. Angela O’Neill and The Outrageous8 draw people from all over town and appeal to a wide audience, making their music accessible to music lovers and casual jazz fans alike. Being an 8 piece band, they have the fullness of a big band, like a condensed orchestra and each of the musicians are talented in their own right. The arrangements allow for individuality to come through, giving them a vibrant and dynamic sound. It’s been said they sound like the Duke Ellington band with a little Stan Kenton thrown in.

The Outgraeous8 Band Members

Hank Mehren – keys

Harry Smallenburg – trombone and arranger

Ron Cyger – alto sax

Richard Walker – baritone sax / flute

Nathan Phelps – trumpet

Michael Rosen – drums

Sam Morgan – tenor sax

Phil Romo – bass

Al Timms – voice

Angela O’Neill – voice