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July 4 Americana Show

Private Concert Review - Shelley Smilin

YES! YES! YES! Boy, did I need an adrenaline shot on the 4th of July, and your inspiring version of New York, New York did the trick! Although I wasn’t able to stay throughout your performance, I heard great comments that night and the next day!! Thanks for spending the holiday with us at Fountainview! What a blast!!!
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Angela O’Neill and the Outrageous8

‘For Your Listening Pleasure’ CD

Album Review by Greg Simay,

Classic Songs For Angela O’Neill Fans

Review by Greg Simay,

Angela O’Neill’s sultry mezzo-soprano captures the enduring charm of The Great American Songbook.  She and her merry band of veteran musicians have been entertaining fans locally and inspiring more than a few couples to rediscover the pleasures of dancing cheek-to-cheek.

But O’Neill’s CD, “For Your Listening Pleasure,” allows fans old and new to savor her singing in the cozy warmth of their room, as I did on a recent gray May day. O’Neill is by turns sassy in “The Lady’s A Tramp” (first person), bluesy in “Stormy Weather”, euphoric in “It’s Almost Like Being In Love”, come-hither in “Dance With Me”, optimistic in “Route 66” and coy in “Teach Me To Love.”  And kudos to the Thursday Night Band and Chris Galuman for their great orchestral back up.  To Purchase the CD follow this link…supplies are limited..I think she said there are only 30 left…so get one while you can!  It’s almost like being at a nightclub—but without having to drive in this unseasonable rain.  And you can still dance with your sweetie. J

The next gig for Angela O’Neill is with the Outrageous8, a little big band!  Saturday May 25th at the Wine Bar The Myrtle Tree Café, 405 S. Myrtle Ave, Monrovia. 91016. Res: 626-386-5024

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Angela O’Neill and the Outrageous8

Live at the Gardenia of Hollywood, August 2018 Review

Angela O’Neill and The Outrageous 8 – Live at the Gardenia of Hollywood, August 18, 2018

--Review by Matt Bosson

This powerhouse singer and her band, The Outrageous 8, are a first-class Jazz group specializing in American standards from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Although they play their music with a big-band swing feel, they have a unique small-band sound, reminiscent of the “Great Ellington Units.” Featuring a rock-solid rhythm section – piano, bass drums – the band includes trumpet, trombone, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. The unusual emphasis in the lower registers with the bari sax and horns adds colorful depth to trombonist, Harry Smallenburg’s original arrangements. Their dense chord structures made me think of both Duke Ellington and Stan Kenton’s bands. I was thinking this during the first two numbers of their set and then Angela O’Neill took the stage. Gifted with a beautiful alto, Angela can really swing and belt out the blues with the best of them, but she also lightens up nicely for softer ballads with a clean and lovely tone. Dynamics, rhythm and soul are the name of the game in Jazz, and Angela and her band have complete control of their craft. If you’re a fan of live Jazz music, you don’t want to miss them!”

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Angela O’Neill and the Outrageous8

Birthday Boogie Woogie show at the Gardenia, March 2019 Review

Angela O’Neill and the Outrageous8 - Birthday Boogie Woogie show at the Gardenia

--Review by Joel Rothberg of Life Magazine

“I cannot tell everyone enough how much fun last night was at the Gardenia Supper Club where Angela O'Neill's wonderful voice filled up that tiny room. There was a plentitude of music there, gems from my favorite-"The Great American Songbook",and in addition to Angela, our birthday girl, a bevy of guest singers to perform them including vocals by the pianist and the drummer whose singing I really liked. Al Timms as always gave us virtuous renditions and got us "Feeling Good." Judy Barrat performed as well, an original poem which was much appreciated..

“It was a treat to see Gary Brumburgh there..the icing on the cake. And Mayita Dinos looking like "the bomb" in her "outrageous" outfit. Also Kathryn Hopkins soloing and also together with Karen Celeste Cruz, "A Blonde and Brunette" got us alla-swayin' to a swinging beat. Angela is quite a hard working masterful vocalist at home on a stage, taking the utmost care with her performances.. she makes it look so easy. But believe me, it's not. We came out smiling, those great tunes in our heads.”Thanks to all. (Angela, now I guess I owe ya two drinks!) — with Judy Barrat, Sandra Booker, Gary Brumburgh, Kathryn Hopkins, Mayita Dinos, Tiffany Bailey and Diana Kujawsky Rothberg and Karen Celeste Kruz.”