Vacation Time with Angela O'Neill and the Outrageous8


May 25 we’re back at the Myrtle Tree Cafe in Monrovia.

It’s that time of the year when everyone is starting to talk about and plan their vacations so we thought we should do a show that is all about travelling and visiting family. and friends.

So while everyone is planning their vacations, come and dream about them with us, through music.

It’s going to be a little sentimental, with trips to New York, and ocean voyages and trips to the sea and fun times in London and Paris and a lot fun spots in Europe!!

So you see, we’ll be jet setting around the world from Myrtle Tree Cafe.

We hope you’ll come travel and dream with us and enjoy some of the fine food and wines.

This is a no cover event, but we do ask that you reserve. We want to make sure you get a good seat!

Click here to go to our event and reserve your seat.

Angela and the Outrageous8!